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Hubert Bakalarczyk born on December 9, 1975 in Poznań. He graduated from the Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the University of Technology in Poznań, member of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. First as a scholarship holder, and subsequently as the University course teacher, he took part in long-term science programs on different Institutes of Technology in Germany. He became a partner of CDF Architekci, where he lead many projects related to industrial, commercial, service, housing and office architecture to successful completion.

Presently, he acts as the head designer for the BAKALARCZYK Design Group to carry on with the creative and technical tasks. He has extensive experience and continues to update his knowledge and proficiency in special purpose software and building law regulations. Coupled with the ability to put it into practice, coordinate working teams and at the same time analyze and optimize design solutions at the earliest concept stages serves to enhance the potential application as a active partner in the investment process.

Małgorzata Ziaja-Bakalarczyk born on December 20, 1979 in Poznań. A graduate of German Studies, Human Resource Management and Mass Communication at the AMU in Poznań. She was a manager in a leading Polish company rendering  luxury services to the fashion industry. Her knowledge and experience in management and administration is reflected in the implemented information policy projects, creating marketing strategies, as well as creating and promoting positive image of companies, brands or products.

As the leader of BAKALARCZYK Design Group, her work is highly interdisciplinary, joining issues from mass communication, psychology, marketing and sociology. Well aware of the challenges of the modern world, she is open to dialog and has successfully lead numerous projects which required exact human resource management and public relation knowledge and skills, she is also an author of training programs for management staff on company image policies, information policies as well as the knowledge of mass communication and PR standards.

In 2008, for her pro-community work, including supporting local entrepreneurship, the ability to interpret cultural phenomena, charity work, initiating and coordinating social involvement actions to support science and arts, she was awarded the Młody Pozytywista (Young Positivist) Medal by the Hipolit Cegielski Society.


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