PL 62-080 LUSOWO,
ul. NOWA 9

TEL. (+48) 604-429-114
TEL. (+48) 604-485-304



BAKALARCZYK Design Group members can boast many years of in-depth experience working on the largest and most demanding projects in Poland and abroad, with the total developed area of more than one MILLION m2. The group presently consists of 41 designers and specialists with full building qualifications and licenses in their respective specializations. Our product offer for Investors has been expanded to include multi-level venture analyses in local and superlocal contexts, investment consulting services prior to real estate purchase, at the stage of environmental approval or the design and implementation stage.
BAKALARCZYK Design Group was founded on the principle to win by means of quality, partnership stability as well as guaranteed competitive and optimized team composition, tailored to the project type and scope. Architectural rendering of the Investor’s plan and intention, while keeping a reasonable budget, is a skill which is to be supported by extensive knowledge, close collaboration with construction companies and tight financial control by means of reporting on the current stage of completion in the context of the approved schedule.
BAKALARCZYK Design Group creates designs for the following branches:
- architecture,
- building-construction,
- roadways,
- bridges,
- railways,
- demolition,
- telecommunications,
- installation and fitting for networks, heating, ventilation, gas, water supply and sewage installations and devices,
- installation of electrical and electrical power grids, installations and devices,
and surveys regarding:
- landscape and green areas architecture,
- conservation,
- geotechnical,
- archeological,
- acoustic,
- fire safety simulations,
- environmental,
- geodesy,
as well as arrangements regarding:
- fire safety,
- occupational health and safety,
- sanitary and epidemiological safety.

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